We’re moving!

We’re moving and we thought you would like to know. But don’t worry! We’re not going very far. We’re just moving to a new domain: http://sunshineamigurumi.com/ Yes that’s right! Sunshine Amigurumi has its own domain now! After this post, this blog won’t be updated anymore . . . so make sure you go to the new […]


ひな祭り (Hinamatsuri) is the Japanese Doll Festival or Girl’s Day celebrated on the 3rd of March. On this day, a platform is set up with dolls dressed representing the emperor, empress, attendants and musicians. In the Sunshine Forest however, these little chicks have got it a bit mixed up. 雛 (Hina) in Japanese can mean both doll […]

Free Pattern: Cotton Candy Sheep

With New Year comes new surprises. And here’s a surprise just for you! Sunshine Amigurumi’s first free pattern! If you saw my post yesterday , it featured the Sunshine Amigurumi Cotton Candy Sheep in a stop motion animation. And now, you can make your very own Cotton Candy Sheep! (Just a quick apology: I forgot to take step-by-step […]